Paradise awaits you…
North Captiva Island …
Sunny, unique and unspoiled: a paradise on earth

If your idea of paradise is a pristine tropical island with swaying coconut palms, lush tropical foliage, no crowded pure white beaches and breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, then North Captiva will definitely fit the bill.
Imagine watching the pelicans and herons fish for their dinner, collecting pastel colored seashells, while the sandpipers scurry along the surfs edge.
The weather is mainly warm and with pleasant sea breezes to enhance the luxury of the sun, sand, sea and the blissful tranquillity that is a signature characteristic of North Captiva Island.
The island is the perfect haven for those seeking peace, tranquillity and relaxation as well as paradise for the water lovers.
Many pleasures await you for an unforgettable vacation.
“Captiva Me” it’s a way of making your paradise dreams come true. You’ll realise this is one holiday experience that you have long been searching for.

“Stillness except for the gentle voice of the wind and whisper of the sea upon shore. A world away from yesterday where it is enough for me to merely be …”